Restore & Optimize Cellular Function

In order to remain healthy as you age, you need to understand the way your cells operate. To be healthy your cells need to function at their best, all 37 trillion of them. In addition, your 200 trillion bacteria need to be properly fed and cared for. 

Optimal Cell Function

As our cells accumulate waste and toxins over time they function less efficiently, they lower their ability to repair, and they begin to slowly breakdown leading to the chronic inflammatory diseases of aging. In other words, we start to age when our cells stop functioning optimally. Our goal is to help you slow or reverse that process.

Mitochondria are our cells’ power plants or batteries. If they don’t operate efficiently your cells do not have enough energy to perform their normal functions, optimally. Maximizing mitochondrial function is crucial to healthy cells and good health.

The meaning of life really appears to be 42. Each of your 37 trillion cells can contain approximately 42 million proteins. Even if our cells are 99% efficient at making proteins that leaves up to 420,000 ineffective or waste proteins in each cell. The better you are at cleaning up and renewing your cells the healthier you will be.

With your personally tailored treatments, GLVH can help you clean out your cells so that your body can function more effectively at peak levels. When your cells function optimally you will feel younger, have more energy and recover faster.

The path to optimizing cellular functions starts with good stress management and sound sleep, regular exercise, toxin removal and good nutrition. There are multiple pathways to enhance cellular function, reverse cellular aging and eliminate zombie cells (cells unable to reproduce).

These include:

  • Balanced bio-identical hormones
  • Peptides
  • Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field generators (PEMF)
  • Fasting Mimicking Diets (FMD)
  • Microvesicles and the lastest regenertive therapies

For your body to work the way you were meant to work, you must consider what your individual cells need. Targeted genetic evaluation can help GLVH develop your customized treatment plan to optimize your cellular function.

GLVH can help you become the best version of yourself – both inside and out, maintaining both muscle and brain function in order to think clearly, move freely and enjoy life at every age.

For more information on how we can help you restore and optimize your cellular functions, please contact Great Lakes Vital Health

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