Brain Eval for Cognitive Enhancement

Memory - Brain illustration

Your brain is a complex organ that is closely integrated with your immune system. Microglial cells are immune cells in the brain. You need cell membranes to be supple and heathy to prevent microglial inflammation in the brain.

When your immune system is upregulated, there is increased inflammation in the brain and in the body. Chronic stress results in increased inflammation in the brain that will show as early cognitive decline, having trouble remembering names/numbers or finding words.

  • Optimizing brain health requires a systems biology approach and begins with evaluation of the gut-immune-brain system.
  • You need your mitochondria operating at high efficiency to support the microglial cells in your brain to help prevent cognitive decline.
  • The evaluation of the brain can include genetic testing, genomics testing, neuro-psych testing, and functional testing. This will give a baseline from which improvement can be measured.

Plasmalogens are small liquid fats that make up much of your cells membranes. There is a growing body of literature to show that as they decrease there is increased inflammation and increased chronic inflammatory disease. They can be measured and supplemented.

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