Immune System Optimization

Boost your immune system

70 percent of your immune system is in your gut. This may seam unusual, but your intestines are the active interface between the outside and the inside. The intestinal lining is where nutrients and toxins get in and toxins and waste are excreted. It is the place that we really need a good border patrol. Your immune system and the one cell thick lining of your intestine work hand in hand to control what gets in and what does not. In addition, your microbiome, the approximate 400 trillion bacteria in your gut, also contribute important nutrients for the cells of the intestinal lining and are the site for the metabolism of many needed vitamins. There is a complex comprehensive integration between your immune system, your microbiome, your brain, and your GI system. When your gut is out of balance your immune system will be upregulated and there will be increased inflammation.

  • Inflammation is at the root of all diseases.
  • Chronic immune system stress can lead to all the barriers in your body becoming leaky: leaky gut, leaky blood brain barrier, leaky blood vessels.
  • Chronic stress can lead to inflammation and eventually autoimmune diseases.
  • Optimization of your immune system often begins with evaluation and treatment of your gut.

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