Anti-Aging Evaluation

Anti-aging process
  • The key to anti-aging is to restore and optimize cellular function (see cell function page)
  • The basics of anti-aging depend on:
  • Maintaining optimally healthy cells is the key to anti-aging
  • To optimize healthy cells we need to manage cellular energy by supporting our cells mitochondria
  • We need to remove toxins that will slow down our mitochondria so they make less energy
  • We need to maintain our body’s acid base balance in a non acidic state when our cells have too low of pH
  • When the pH is low there is increased oxidative stress and therefore our cells have to spend a significant amount of energy neutralizing the oxidative stress and they have less energy to maintain normal cellular function and growth across multiple cell lines including bone, brain, muscle, nerve, GI, and skin
  • Once in place, these strategies can be enhanced by the right supplements, balanced hormones and possibly, peptide support

An evaluation includes a comprehensive review of medical history, lifestyle issues, toxin exposures, follow by comprehensive labs including advanced cardiac, inflammatory, comprehensive thyroid, hormones, organic acids for micro nutrients and vitamins, and possible genetics or genomics testing.

The treatment may include lifestyle modifications, supplements, medicines when needed, and peptides.

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