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Your most important asset is your health. Can you imagine your savings if you don’t develop diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease? The Wellness University talks will present cutting edge topics that will give you tools needed to maintain or regain your health.

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Great Lakes Vital Health is an integrative Functional Medicine practice. Functional Medicine is a science-based approach to healthcare aimed at promoting wellness and preventing disease by addressing the underlying cause of a problem not just treating a symptom. We focus on each person’s biochemical uniqueness and relate that to assessments of genetic factors, environmental exposures, nutritional status, sleep patterns, stress levels, support systems and exercise habits. This root cause analysis becomes the basis for individually tailored interventions aimed at restoration and maintenance of structural and physiological balance.

The goal is to optimize your health. We want you to have an improved quality of life, with abundant energy, a sharp mind, less pain, and renewed vitality.

Are your Vital Signs 5-7-9/65?

  • Do you exercise 5 times per week for at least 30 minutes?
  • Do you sleep 7 or more hours per night?
  • Do you eat 9 servings of vegetables and whole fruits per day?
  • Is your resting pulse less than 65?

Is this you?

  • Are you tired all the time?
  • Do you have stomach pains, chronic diarrhea or constipation?
  • Are you gaining or unable to lose unwanted weight?
  • Do you think as clearly as you would like? How is your memory?
  • Are you able to participate in the sports you love? Are you exercising?
  • Do you have symptoms that are not being addressed?

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