In 1995, at age 35, I was experiencing frequent migraine headaches, depression, insomnia, muscle weakness and fatigue (I was an athlete all my life.) and irregular periods. With no explanation for this early onset, I was diagnosed as perimenopausal. I was then prescribed synthetic hormone replacement and subsequently experienced heavy and irregular bleeding. This required repeated cervical biopsies to rule out cancer as a cause of the bleeding. Otherwise, the conclusion was that the bleeding was a “side effect” of the synthetic hormones. After several trials, another option was suggested, to take a low dose birth control pill. This was helpful, but I was keenly aware of the side effects and risks of “the pill,” as was my doctor. She advised in 2005, that it was time to stop this prescription.

Once again, I experienced the symptoms identified above… I was miserable, and frightened, because this time, I felt much weaker. In 2013, I concluded that not only was my body and spirit exhausted, but my options for help were exhausted.

However, I was thankfully introduced to a doctor who prescribed Bio-identical hormone therapy. It has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I actually feel better, more vibrant, more productive and present in my life. These bio-identicals provide safe and gently effective support.

They protect my heart and ward off some of the health risks associated with such an early loss of estrogen. And, there are no “side effects”! I got my life back and I’m exceedingly grateful to have been able to move through a challenging and potentially devastating time of my life with the support of a thoughtful doctor who provided the option of bio-identical hormone therapy.

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